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Council Membership

The Orange County Child Care and Development Planning Council (Council) consists of 40 members appointed by the Orange County Board of Supervisors and the Orange County Superintendent of Schools.  Council members serve a two-year term and can serve more than once.  New members are recruited each spring to fill any vacancies.


Membership Applications for the term of 2021 - 2023 will be available soon, please contact Lisa Edwards at or 714-966-4386 for additional information. 
We encourage all interested applicants to join us at any Council meetings or Committee meetings, contact Lisa Edwards for information on how to attend.


Members are placed in various categories described below:

  • Child Care Provider:  A person who provides child care services or represents a person who provides child care services.
  • Consumer:  A parent or person who receives, or has received child care services within the past 36 months.
  • Public Agency Representative:  A person who represents a city, the county, or a local educational agency.
  • Community Representative:  A person who represents an agency or business that provides private funding or child care services, or who advocates for child care services through participation in civic or community-based organizations but is not a child care provider and does not contract with California Department of Education for child care and development services.
  • Discretionary:  A person who is appointed at the discretion of Orange County Board of Supervisors and Orange County Superintendent of Schools.