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College and Career Pathways for Early Childhood Educators

Early Education Career Incentive Program (EECIP/AB212)



 Enrollment for 2018-19 is now closed. 

The Orange County Early Education Career Incentive Program (EECIP) (formerly known as the AB 212 Stipend Project) is administered by the Orange County Superintendent of Schools on behalf of the Orange County Child Care and Development Planning Council.  It provides financial incentives to qualified employees of California Department of Education (CDE) subsidized child care centers in Orange County. The purpose of this financial incentive is to increase the education of teachers, involve them with professional growth activities and increase staff retention.

EECIP Track Matirx 18-19.pdf


To determine your eligibility, please contact our office at (714) 966-4386

California Transitional Kindergarten Stipend (CTKS) OC Incentive Program



Enrollment for 2018-19 Program begins in August 2018 

The CTKS Orange County Incentive Program is being administered by the Orange County Child Care and Development Planning Council (Council), which is housed at the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE).  In anticipation of the changes expected on July 1, 2015, funding will be made available as “Education Incentives” to teachers who are interested in completing coursework in early childhood education or child development.  Funding for these education incentives is available through January 1, 2019.  School districts are asked to inform their teachers (current and potential TK) of this professional learning opportunity and to communicate any district requirements for teachers’

CTKSProgramOverview.pdfProgram Overview Incentive Award Matrix (REVISED)16.pdfIncentive Award Options

Complete the ONLINE APPLICATION to dertermine eligibility.



ECE Conference reimbursements are available to credentialed teachers assigned a TK classroom who have attended an Early Childhood Education/Early Learning Conference during the year of their TK assignment. To determine eligibility, complete, print, and sign the forms below. All forms requested must be complete and submitted for consideration. Reimbursements must meet program eligibility requirements and are subject to Local Planning Council approval.

TK Final Documentation Requirements 2016-2017_Conference.pdfTK Final Documentation Requirements 2016-2017-Conference

TKECEConferenceForm_PRNTSIGN16-19.pdfTK ECE Conference Form

CDD Profile-Incentive6-30-17.pdfConfidential Profile Form 6-30-17

Form W-9.pdfForm W-9


Child Development Permit (CDP) Information: