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Child Care Listing for Children with Special Needs


In accordance with the American Disabilities Acts, all child care centers are to make every effort to accommodate the needs of children having special needs.  This link provides an article entitled, "Rights of Children with Disabilities in Child Care...".  However, it is recognized that many parents would feel more assured in placing their child within a new child care program if they knew that program had had previous experience and/or specific training with regard to the successful integration of children with special needs.

The Child Care list does not claim to post all those Orange County programs that include children with disabilities, but rather, this list reflects those centers which serve young children and have been brought to the attention of The Inclusion Collaborative, a subcommittee of the Orange County Child Care and Development Planning Council (Council), as being child care programs with specific training and/or experience in working with children having special needs.  A programs ability to provide specific accommodations will vary.

This listing is simply offered as a resource to families:  it is not to be considered a recommendation or endorsement by the Council.  Child Care providers are able to join the list or be removed at their own request.  Parents will need to visit and evaluate each center as to its appropriateness for their own child.  Specific days and hours and overall availability will need to be confirmed with individual programs.  Successful placement will require a collaborative and open relationship between the family and the child care program.

Additional referrals for licensed care can be obtained from Children's Home Society of California: their Kid Care Hotline is (714) 543-2273.  Also, a parent has the right to get information about any substantiated or inconclusive complaints about a child care provider that you've selected for your child.  That information is public and you can get it by calling Community Care Licensing, Orange County Child Care Regional Office, (714) 703-2800.

If your child is an eligible consumer of services from Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC), your child may qualify for financial support, additional training for the child care staff, and/or aide support while attending the child care program (this is determined by a formal assessment).  You will need to contact your RCOC Service Coordinator to request appropriate assistance with your child care needs.

If you are a child care provider who would like to be added to this listing, please fill out the attached form for Infant/Toddler/Preschool Centers or School-Age Programs and e-mail it to

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